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It is every business’ goal to expand and grow, this being a reflection of the investments and choices made. It is of great importance that we provide our clients with the best return on investment possible. Thus, technology should be a catalyst of business growth, not an impediment. We strive to show the tangible benefit of every I.T. investment in hopes to deliver a technologically sound working environment. Hence, creating a workplace where one can focus on what they do best and nothing else.


About Us

Lynxedge Solutions is focused on providing top end Information Technology consulting services to organizations small and large. When you choose Lynxedge Solutions you are not simply hiring a computer technician, but a network of I.T. professionals, vendors, wholesalers and niche experts. A customized team who will work diligently to ensure your business receives the best service and solutions possible.


Solutions & Services

At the heart of many successful organizations lies a technological backend designed to pull them ahead of their competitors. Lynxedge Solutions offers a myriad of technology solutions for small to large businesses to achieve this goal.

Our areas of expertise include,

  • Office network design and maintenance
  • Server configuration and support (domain, file, database, etc.)
  • Email system setup and support
  • Backup setup and support for computers and servers
  • Hardware and software sales and support
  • Photocopier and printer sales and support
  • Network and computer security
  • Secure remote office access
  • Cloud Services
  • Onsite and remote technical support

Lynxedge Solutions

783 Court Place, Victoria, British Columbia, V8X 4M5